Why It Matters

Today, anyone can make a product. So how can you be sure that it is safe for you to use?

SkinSAFE has already set the standard by indepedently rating thousands of products against our proprietary ingredient architecture developed in partnership with MAYO Clinic Dermatology experts. The Trusted Choice™ program elevates this standard even more by requiring manufacturers to provide scientific and clinical evidence to support product use and safety

Trusted Choice Seal Trusted Choice Seal

Trusted Choice Seal The 5 Foundational Elements of Trusted Choice™

Standardisation Standardisation
Purity Purity
Fragrance Allergens Fragrance Allergens
Safety in Use and Clinical Studies Safety in Use and Clinical Studies
Skin Testing Skin Testing

Trusted Choice logo Additional evidence published in medical journals or presented at medical conferences, direct ingredient quality verifications, and study of products in people with compromised skin is also considered.

SkinSAFE reviews all evidence independently and submission of supporting information is not a guarantee that a product will qualify for use of the Trusted Choice mark.

Remember, the most important ingredient is TRUST.
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