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Product Description

A water-activated exfoliant of nourishing Japanese rice bran and Japanese indigo that transforms to a creamy foam for a smooth polish and healthy glow.

The Rice Polish gives your skin a new beginning through non-abrasive exfoliation and pure Japanese ingredients delivered in a cloud-like foam. Finely ground rice bran promotes natural skin turnover to instantly reveal a smooth, makeup-ready canvas. The pH neutral, amino acid base formula provides effective cleansing without stripping skin of essential moisture or breaking the skin’s barrier function, leaving skin baby-soft and supple. Hadasei-3™, a trio of fermented Japanese superfoods - green tea, rice and algae - helps restore healthy-looking radiance. Tailored for senstive skin, The Rice Polish: Calming features natural Japanese indigo to soothe irritation.

Apr 08, 2024
I got a reaction and had to stop using
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