How safe is it?

Product Description

We recommend to perform a sensitivity test and to follow the instructions for use.

SanoTint Light Hair Color - Natural Blonde Contains extract of golden millet, rich in silicic acid, beneficial for your hair, as well as extracts of; birch, grape-seed and walnut shell. Not only does SanoTint hair color not damage your hair, but, on the contrary, strengthens and restores its structure.

SanoTint Light colors should only be mixed with other SanoTint Light colors.  Do not mix SanoTint Light colors with SanoTint Classic colors.

  • 55 ml tube of Hair Colour
  • 55 ml bottle of Fixing Cream
  • 15 ml bottle of Restructuring Conditioner
  • 1 pair of plastic gloves
  • Detailed instruction leaflet
  • "Do-it-yourself"
Remaining product may be capped and saved for future use.(6 months after open)
Sanotint not only cover completly grey, also protects and heals hair that was abused with unsafe chemicals.

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