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Product Description

Olga Lorencin Skin Care Red Carpet Facial in a Box gives your skin that glamorous celebrity glow with a nourishing combination of exfoliants and botanical extracts. Enhanced with powerful ingredients like lactic and malic acids, this skin care set helps to reduce hyperpigmentation and increase cell renewal to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Olga Lorencin Skin Care Red Carpet Facial in a Box includes:

Step 1 - Red Carpet Facial Peel (1.7 fl. oz.)
Step 2 - Red Carpet Facial Neutralizer (1.7 fl. oz.)
Step 3 - Red Carpet Facial Polishing Mask (2.5 fl. oz.)
Applicator Brush
Treatment Bowl

Key Ingredients:

 Lactic and Malic Acids: turn over cells to reveal more refined, brighter and hydrated skin
 Argenine and Sodium Bicarbonate: revitalize dull, tired skin with a deep cleansing, effervescent sensation
 Mineral Complex, Lysate Extract and Pikea Robusta: hydrate, soothe, plump and oxygenate the skin

Key Benefits:

Exfoliates skin to create a smooth and bright complexion
Helps increase the skin cell turnover
Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
Minimizes/refines the appearance of pores
Evens skin tone and rapidly hydrates

Tip: For the ultimate complexion transformation, try Olga Lorencin’s Red Carpet Two Week Challenge! Use the Red Carpet Facial every day for two weeks. After two weeks, continue with the recommended weekly usage (once a week). Please allow at least three months in between each Two Week Challenge.

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