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Puracy Organic Hand & Body Lotion, Fragrance-Free, 12 fl oz (2 pack)

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Puracy Organic Hand & Body Lotion is an organic, lightweight, all-purpose moisturizer that nourishes all day long. Packed with rich hydrating ingredients and clinical-grade vitamins, your skin will feel soft and smooth. The food-grade, plant-based ingredients were carefully chosen and developed into a premium solution by Puracy, a trusted source for natural and organic, plant-based, child & pet safe, hypoallergenic, and effective household essentials. The proprietary blend of renewable ingredients is safe to use around your family and free from harsh chemicals and fumes.

Apr 13, 2022
thegeorge, thank you for letting us know of this formulation change! I have created a new product entry with the new formulation and marked this one as "old formulation". Here is the link to the new formulation:
Apr 10, 2022
This product has been reformulated and your ingredients list does not match the manufacturer’s or seller’s.
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