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Customize SkinSAFE to Meet Your Unique Needs
SkinSAFE has been meticulously designed with your individual skincare, beauty, and personal care requirements in mind. Let us empower you to make well-informed decisions tailored to your distinctive needs.
Unlock Personalization in Two Ways:
Ask Your Healthcare Provider
Reach out to your skin health provider and request a SAFE for Me™ code to link with your SkinSAFE account. Our intelligent algorithm will automatically filter out products containing ingredients associated with your known allergen list.

No dermatologist or allergist yet? No problem! You can use our directory to find one near you.

Find a Dermatologist or Allergist near you
Request a Custom SAFE for Me™ (SFM) Code from SkinSAFE
We can generate a personalized SAFE for Me™ code that aligns with your specific allergen needs.
Alternatively, you can Explore SkinSAFE 100 Products: The Gold Standard for Sensitive Skin
We're not just redefining skincare; we're setting a new gold standard for ingredient safety. By choosing SkinSAFE 100 products, you can effectively prevent over 49% of common contact skin allergies. It's a straightforward, reliable way to safeguard your skin and overall health.
Physician Recommended: Trusted by Healthcare Professionals
SkinSAFE is the number one service recommended by physicians to their patients. Join the countless individuals who trust SkinSAFE for their skincare needs.
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