Personalize your Retail Shopping Experience
Personalize SkinSAFE to Work Harder for You
SkinSAFE was developed with you in mind. Let us help you make more informed decisions on your individual skincare, beauty, and personal care needs.
There are two ways to personalize SkinSAFE:
Ask Your Physician
Ask your skin health provider to generate a Personal Allergen Code to be uploaded to your SkinSAFE account. Our algorithm intelligently excludes products that contains ingredients associated with your known allergen list. If you don't have a dermatologist or allergist, you can use our directory to find one near you.
Find a Dermatologist or Allergist near you
Ask SkinSAFE if you Know your Allergens
Ask SkinSAFE to create a Personal Allergen Code (PAC) that contains your unique allergens.
Alternatively: Shop SkinSAFE Top Free
We are creating a new standard of skin care and ingredient safety. Over 45% of common contact skin allergies can be avoided simply by using our Top Free rated products.
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