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Norvell Dancing With The Stars Perfection Sunless Self-Tanning Mousse, 8 fl.oz.

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Product Description

TANNING WITH THE STARS: This super-lightweight, velvety mousse glides as easily over one?s body as a professional dancer moves across the floor. With a simple sweep across the skin - an instant, yet long lasting bronze color appears. Talk about a quick-step! Apply Endurance Color Boosting Skin Perfector daily to maintain and further extend your show-stopping glow.

SELF TANNER: Best results are achieved by applying product smoothly & quickly to freshly cleansed, lightly exfoliated skin. Apply using a Norvell Tanning Mitt or slightly damp washcloth or sponge. Use sparingly near elbows, knees, ankles, & wrists. When applying to face, lightly blend into hairline. When body application is complete, lightly brush solution across the backs of hands, wrists & tops of feet. Carefully wash hands after application and avoid splashing water onto freshly tanned skin.

SUNLESS TANNING MOUSSE: This product involves no overspray. It is delivered in a Mousse format making it more controllable. This also allows you to decide where to apply heavier and/or lighter. Ideal for makeup lover who are familiar with blending. Just as one would intuitively blend your foundation with a sponge, to get the right amount of coverage, you should use that same technique here.

FORMULATION: Paraben-free, Gluten-Free, Sulfate-free, Phthalate-free, Synthetic Fragrance-free, Petrochemicals-free, GMO-free, Tricolsan-free, 100% Vegan. Made in the USA. Fragrance - CocoNilla.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: To minimize over-absorption of tanning solution into palm and cuticles, before application, apply moisturizer to: cuticles, under-side of fingers, and palms. Wait at least 8 hours before exposing skin to showering, rain, sweating or any water activity, especially chlorinated pools. Waiting less time may minimize results. Brown cosmetic bronzers will wash away during your first few showers. Tan will deepen over the next 24-hours and fade gradually over the next 5-7 days.

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