How safe is it?

Product Description

Glides on like a hug of hydration, deeply & properly conditioning. Natural waxes work to seal the moisture in for hours.

The perfect day-balm for pockets, bags and on-the-go so you can hydrate and heal anywhere, anytime.

All our products are made with Lanolin - a deeply moisturizing oil naturally occurring in sheep's wool. Lanolin mimics the skin's own oils to heal and hydrate and is so safe doctors recommend it to treat burns.

Lanolin is a natural, renewable and sustainable resource - it's a by-product of wool washing. Sheep's wool grows continuously, so they need to be shorn each and every year.

No petrolatum. No parabens. No artificial fragrance. No mineral oil. No sulfates. No PEG's. No animal cruelty. No more dry skin.

Hang tight. We're thinking.