What is it?
Sodium metabisulfite is a substance primarily used as an antioxidant, preservative, and disinfectant agent.

How can I avoid it?
Skin contact with Sodium Metabisulfite is required for it to cause a rash. Discontinuation of exposure to products containing Sodium Metabisulfite should result in improvement and/or the resolution of your dermatitis. By law, all products made in the U.S. for topical use have the ingredients listed either on the product package or the box that contains it, so check the labeling of your skincare products for this ingredient. If there is not enough information, ask your pharmacist or contact the company directly. At work, request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to help identify potential sources of exposure.

  • Food additive (preservative). A reducing agent used in dough. It is used frequently in cookie and cracker production.
  • Sanitizer for equipment
  • Cleaning agent in water processing
  • Fungicide and mold prevention during shipping of consumer goods such as shoes and clothing.
  • Antioxidant in many pharmaceutical formulations

Other names for Sodium Metabisulfite:
  • E223
  • Sodium pyrosulfite
  • Sodium disulfite
  • Disodium disulphite
  • Disodium pyrosulfite
  • Disodium metabisulfite


How safe is it?

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