What is it?
Quinoline Mix is a mixture used in  antiinfectives, usually in topical preparations, but rarely used systemically. Quinoline mix contains the following two allergens:
  • Clioquinol
  • Chlorquinaldol

How can I avoid it?
Avoidance requires reading the product labels, package inserts, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and on occasion, direct communication with the manufacturer.Patients who are allergic to Quinoline Mix should inform all of their care providers of their allergy, since these medications are used on the skin or taken orally.

  • Prescription and nonprescription anti-bacterial creams, ointments and lotions which treat skin infections such as eczema, athlete’s foot, jock itch and ringworm
  • Oral medications
  • Paste bandages sold in pharmacies for the treatment of wound infections, infected eczema and mycotic skin infections

Other names for Quinoline Mix:
  • Afungil
  • Chinoform
  • Chloroiodoquinquin
  • 5-Chloro-7-iodo-8-quinoinol
  • Chlorquinaldol
  • Clioquin
  • 5,7-Dichloro-2-methyl-8-quinolinol
  • Entero-Vioform
  • Gynotherax
  • Iodochlorhydroxyquin
  • Quinambicide
  • Saprosan
  • Sterosan
  • Steroxin
  • Vioform

Potential cross-reacting/co-reacting substances:
  • Diiodohydroxyquin
  • Diiodoquin
  • Iodoquinol
  • Chlorhydroxyquinoline
  • Quinolor
  • Quinine

How safe is it?

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