What is it?
Potassium Dichromate (chromium) is a steel-gray metal that is used in the manufacturing of chrome steel or chrome-nickel-steel alloys (stainless steel), and for chrome plating other metals. It occurs in small quantities in many substances, and contact is possible in many industries and settings. In the household, Potassium Dichromate is found in bleaches, yellow and green paint, and in coatings to prevent rust. The chromates are one of the most common causes of occupationally induced allergic contact dermatitis, particularly in workers in the construction, tanning, metal, printing and ceramics industries.

How can I avoid it?
Substitution of industrial chemicals, a change of jobs, or protective clothing to avoid exposure to Potassium Dichromate should be based on a careful evaluation of the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in the workplace. Incorporation of iron sulfate in cement appears to be an effective method for preventing allergic contact dermatitis due to Chromium. Early identification and treatment of allergic contact dermatitis due to chromium, along with avoidance, may prevent the chronic, persistent dermatitis often seen in workers with chromate sensitivity. To avoid foot dermatitis from chrome-tanned leather shoes and boots, vegetable-tanned or plastic footwear should be substituted. Do not handle burnt matches or ashes with your bare hands.

• Blueprints
• Cement, brick, mortar, tiles, and drywall
• Color makers (yellow and green paint)
• Cosmetics
• Dental restorations
• Dyers
• Froster (glass and pottery)
• Furniture polishes and varnishes
• Glass polishes and cleaners
• Glues
• Green felt or baize (covering on gambling and pool tables)
• Ink makers
• Linoleum workers
• Marble colorers
• Match heads
• Office workers
• Offset printers
• Paper makers and hangers
• Pencil and crayon makers
• Photography and lithography fluids
• Rubber, glue, varnish, spackling workers
• Steel surfaces (nuts, screws, and discs)
• Tannery workers and leather objects, including shoes
and gloves
• Tattoos
• Television makers
• Textile printers
• Vulcanizers
• Welders
• Wood preservatives

Other names for Potassium Dichromate:
• Chromate
• Chrome
• Chromite
• Chromium
• Potassium bichromate

How safe is it?

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