What is it?
Pine tar consists of products obtained by distillation of wood of pine such as turpentine, various phenols, xylene, etc.

How can I avoid it?
You should avoid any contact with this substance. Avoidance requires reading labels, package inserts, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and, on occasion, direct communication with the manufacturer.

  • Antieczematic
  • Wood preservative
  • Wood sealant for maritime use
  • Medicinal soaps, lotions, creams, and shampoos
  • Roofing construction and maintenance
  • Veterinary care products
  • The sticky substance baseball players use on their bats to improve grip
  • Rope waterproofing

Other names for Pine Tar:
  • Pinus Palustris

Potential cross-reacting/co-reacting substances:
  • Fragrances

How safe is it?

Hang tight. We're thinking.