What is it?
Mercury is a metal compound with many types of uses.

How can I avoid it?
Avoidance requires reading the product labels, package inserts, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and on occasion, direct communication with the manufacturer.

Mercury is one of the oldest known metals and has a long history of many types of uses. Probably the most common contact with mercury in the general population occurs from mercury amalgam dental fillings.

  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Antifouling paints
  • Antiparasitic powder
  • Chemical reagent
  • Dental amalgams
  • Electrolysis (cathode)
  • Lamps (mercury arc)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Thermometers, barometers, hydrometers, pyrometers
  • Traditional Chinese medicine
Other names for Mercury:
  • Colloidal mercury
  • Hydrargyrum
  • Liquid silver
  • Marcero
  • Mercure
  • Mercury Vapor
  • Mercury, Metallic
  • Quick Silver
  • Rathje

How safe is it?

Hang tight. We're thinking.