What is it?
Ethylhexyl triazone is used as an ultraviolet light absorber in personal care products.

How can I avoid it?
Skin contact with ethylhexyl triazone is required for it to cause a rash. Discontinuation of exposure to products containing ethylhexyl triazone should result in improvement and/or resolution of your dermatitis. By law, all products made in the U.S. for topical use have the ingredients listed on the product package or box that contains it.

• Skin care products/Cosmetics
  • Aftershave
  • Day creams and lotions
  • Hand cream
  • Lip care products
  • Lipstick
  • Makeup foundations
  • Sunscreens
Other names for trimethylol propane triacrylate:
• Uvinul T 150
• Octyl triazone

How safe is it?

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