What is it?
Epoxy resin, cycloaliphatic is a curable synthetic resin mixture. Cycloaliphatics are known for their improved “weather ability” water moisture tolerance, resistance to blushing and water spotting, and better chemical resistance.

How do I avoid it?
You should avoid any contact with this substance. Avoidance requires reading labels, package inserts, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and, on occasion, direct communication with the manufacturer.

  • Manufacture of electrical insulating components (bushing apparatus parts, insulators)
  • Neat oil
  • Weather resistant solvent-based coatings for outdoor applications
  • Protection surface coating
  • Casting resin and compounds
  • Coating for capillary electrophoresis
  • Industrial maintenance paints
  • Underwater coatings
  • Structural adhesives

Other names for Epoxy resin, cycloaliphatic:
  • 1,2-Cyclohexanedicarboxylic acid, bis(2,3-Epoxypropyl)ester
  • Cycloalphatic glycidyl ester
  • Araldit CY184

Potential cross-reacting/co-reacting substances:
  • Other epoxyl-based adhesives/bonding agents/acrylates

How safe is it?

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