What is it?

Briefly: 3-(Dimethylamino) propylamine is a chemical used in a wide variety of industrial and personal care products.

In Detail: 3-(Dimethylamino) propylamine is a chemical used in the preparation of some surfactants. Surfactants play an important role in cleaning, wetting, dispersing, emulsifying, foaming, and anti-foaming agents.

How do I avoid it?
Skin contact with 3-(Dimethylamino) propylamine is required for it to cause a rash. Discontinuation of exposure to products containing 3-(Dimethylamino) propylamine should result in improvement and/or the resolution of your dermatitis. By law, all products made in the US for topical use have the ingredients listed either on the product package or the box that contains it, so check the labeling of your skin care products for this ingredient. If there is not enough information, ask your pharmacist or retailer, or contact the company directly. At work, request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to help identify potential sources of exposure.

• Impurity that can be found in surfactants (soaping agents)
      ° Cosmetics/Hair coloring agents
      ° Shampoos and liquid soaps
      ° Washing, dishwashing, and other detergents
• Other final products may include
      ° Agricultural chemicals
      ° Binding agents
      ° Carburetor detergents
      ° Flocculents in removing floating solids and oil from wastewater
      ° Drilling fluids in the mining industry
      ° Derivatives can be used in gasoline and other fuels as
          - Cloud point reducers
          - Dispersants
          - Stabilizers for prevention of deposits or icing
          - Reduction of octane number requirements
      ° Derivatives can also be used as
          - Anti-oxidants
          - Corrosion inhibitors for lubricants
      ° Fungicides
      °Water-resistant textile fibers
• Pet Shampoos
• Leather treatment
• Weather-proof product
• Fabric softeners
• Fabric dye (silk, cotton, and synthetics)
• Paper ink
• Hardeners in Epoxy resin
• Rubber
• Fabric softeners

Other names for Dimethylaminopropylamine:
• 3-Aminopropyl Methylamine
• 3-Dimethylaminopropylamine
• Aerosol 30
• Dimethylaminopropylamine
• Emery 5430
• Lonzaine C
• Merataine
• N, N-Dimethyl-1, 3-Propanediamine
• NN-Dimethy-1-3-propanediame
• Tego-betain
• Velvetex

Potential cross-reacting/co-reacting substances:
• Cocamidopropyl betaine
• Amidoamine

How safe is it?

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