What is it?
Copper (ll) Sulfate Pentahydrate is the chemical compound used as a bactericide and fungicide.

How can I avoid it?
You should avoid contact with this substance. Avoidance require reading labels, package inserts, Material safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and on occasion, direct communication with the manufacturer.

  • Dental alloys
  • Fungicide, herbicide and pesticide
  • Photography toner
  • Pigment in paints
  • Algaecide in swimming pools, irrigation canals, and sewer systems
  • Wood preservation of utility poles and railroad ties
  • Aquarium fish treatment
  • Book binding pastes and glues
  • Fireworks manufacturing

Other names for Copper (ll) Sulfate Pentahydrate:
  • Cupric sulfate
  • Copper sulphate
  • CuSO4
  • Blue vitriol
  • Blue stone
  • Copper Sulfate

How safe is it?

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