What is it?
Conjugated estrogen (Premarin®) is a cream mixture of estrogen hormones used after menopause to treat menopausal changes in and around the vagina, vaginal dryness, and to treat moderate to severe painful intercourse caused by these changes.

How can I avoid it?
Skin contact with Conjugated Estrogen is required for it to cause a rash. Discontinuation of exposure to products containing Conjugated Estrogen should result in improvement and/or resolution of your dermatitis. By law, all products made in the U.S. for topical use have the ingredients listed either on the product package or the box that contains it, so check the labeling of your skin care products for this ingredient. If there is not enough information, ask your pharmacist or contact the company directly.

• Vaginal creams

Other names for Conjugated Estrogen:
• Premarin®

How safe is it?

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