CAS no. 2390-59-2

Definition: Basic Violet 4 (CAS no. 2390-59-2) is a synthetic dye used for coloring purposes. It is known by its chemical name, Benzyl Violet 4B, and is characterized by its vibrant violet color.

Use in Cosmetics: Basic Violet 4 is employed in cosmetics to impart color to products such as hair dyes, eye makeup, and nail polish. It’s a common ingredient used for its vivid coloration and dyeing properties.

Other Names: Basic Violet 4 can also be referred to as Benzyl Violet 4B, with a molecular formula of C27H34ClN3.

Skin Sensitivities and Allergies: This ingredient can potentially cause skin sensitivities and allergic reactions in some individuals, especially those with sensitive skin. Skin reactions can range from mild irritation to more severe allergic reactions.

Other Risks: There have been concerns regarding the safety of synthetic dyes in cosmetics, as some may contain impurities or be derived from harmful sources. Moreover, prolonged or excessive exposure to synthetic dyes might pose risks.

California Ban (Assembly Bill No. 496): In the state of California, under Assembly Bill No. 496, the use of Basic Violet 4 in cosmetic products will be prohibited starting from January 1, 2027. This prohibition is part of a broader initiative to regulate the inclusion of certain ingredients in cosmetic products to ensure public health and safety. The ban on Basic Violet 4 and other specified ingredients comes as a move to eliminate or reduce the exposure of consumers to potentially harmful substances in cosmetics.

This legislation signifies a step towards ensuring cosmetic safety and addressing the concerns of consumers, especially those with sensitive skin, who might experience adverse reactions to certain ingredients like Basic Violet 4.

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