What is it?
4-Methyl Benzylidene Camphor is UV-B absorbing agent in sunscreen and cosmetics.

A UV filter not approved as an active ingredient for sunscreen in the U.S., but listed as an inactive ingredient in some products.

How can I avoid it? 
You should avoid any contact with this substance. Avoidance requires reading labels, package inserts, and, on occasion, direct communication with the manufacturer.

  • Skin Care Products/Cosmetics
    • Moisturizers
    • Make-ups
    • Lipsticks
    • Sunscreens

Other names for 3-(4-Methylbenzylidene) Camphor : 
  • 3-(4-Methylbenzylidene)bornan-2-one
  • 3-(4-Methylbenzylidene)-dl-camphor
  • 4MBC
  • Eusolex 6300
  •  Parsol 5000

How safe is it?

Hang tight. We're thinking.