Sensitive Skin Care Without Compromise

Tata Harper Superkind Skincare Collection

Jun 02, 2021

When a skincare brand launches new products that truly look after the needs of sensitive skin, we sit up and take notice. One such brand that grabs our attention is Tata Harper. 

“Tata Harper is a trusted, expert-formulated brand that carefully chooses every ingredient in its products,” explains Aki Hashmi, CEO and founder of SkinSAFE. “We’ve long supported Tata Harper because of its relentless focus on ingredient formulations to bring superior products to consumers.” 

At SkinSAFE, we too are ingredient obsessed and work to help take the guesswork out of confusing product labels, allowing you to take control of your skin and everything you put on it. We take sensitive skin very seriously and know that it can be hard to find products to suit your sensitive, reactive skin’s needs…

“SkinSAFE was developed in partnership with the Mayo Clinic, and we use over 20 years of clinical testing data to help people find safe products for their skin”, says Aki.  “70 percent of people tell us they have sensitive skin, so it is our mission to help them find the best-of-the-best and empower them to make smarter, informed choices.” 

So, of course we were thrilled to see the indisputable queen of clean, green beauty create a brand-new range of skincare products specifically for sensitive skin – the Superkind Skincare Collection.

“If you have reactive skin, you’ll know how scary it can be to try products you consider too powerful,” explains Tata Harper, CEO and Founder of Tata Harper Skincare. “Superkind takes away that fear and shows you that natural skincare can be 100 percent results-driven as well as calming to your skin and a real joy to use.”

Tata noticed that most sensitive skincare products were only focused on calming the skin. Fine, but what about those of you looking to treat as well as soothe your reactive skin? Who was going one step further for you, offering benefits such as brightening, smoothing and anti-aging – without causing flare-ups, of course? Nobody.

Tata came up with the idea of Superkind to change this and prove that you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than the best.

“Creating Superkind took around three years to complete,” Tata explains. “But it was so worth it. After searching the world we found 36 new, natural ingredients that deliver true anti-aging benefits and are totally safe. It’s a completely new approach to beauty for reactive skin.”

And we couldn’t agree more. Superkind has not only been formulated to provide skin benefits, but it has been specifically made for reactive, sensitive skin. Together with the team at the Mayo Clinic, our SkinSAFE review team conducted a rigorous data review of every single product in the collection. This included testing for skin reactivity and allergies, the use of internationally recognized ingredient nomenclature, verification of ingredient purity, a complete absence of heavy metals, plus thorough testing to validate the absence of common fragrance allergens and skin irritating ingredients. 

After completing the assessment we’re pleased to report Tata Harper Superkind passed with flying colors and the entire line earned the SkinSAFE “TRUSTED CHOICE” Award with a “Good for Sensitive Skin” rating!  

“Now, sensitive skin consumers don’t have to compromise. They can get anti-aging benefits, but in formulations made for sensitive skin,” says Aki.  

“We love how SkinSAFE empowers sensitive skin consumers to find effective skincare that’s perfectly suited to their skin, yet doesn’t compromise on quality and results,” says Tata. “It has been an amazing validation for the years of research and development to create products that best meet the needs of our sensitive skin consumers. We’re beyond thrilled to have earned the SkinSAFE TRUSTED CHOICE seal of approval.” 


Tata Harper Superkind includes Softening Cleanser, Radiance Mask and Fortifying Moisturizer, all of which have received the SkinSAFE TRUSTED CHOICE Good For Sensitive Skin seal of approval. Available now at

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