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SkinSAFE® is

A trusted allergy avoidance and recommendation platform.

A proprietary ingredient ontology platform that allows providers to manage and treat their patients with allergic contact dermatitis.

Backed by over 25 years of clinical data from the MAYO Clinic and peer reviewed published data.

Prevention Beyond
Your Practice

Beauty products have hundreds of ingredients, making it difficult for consumers to buy on labels and claims alone. SkinSAFE helps patients make sense of an opaque industry and adhere to your treatment plan post office visit.

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A Better Allergy Avoidance Platform

Patient Benefits

Remove Complications

Patients can take control without remembering full ingredient names, elaborate spelling, or cross-reactivity.

Empower Patients

Up-to-date products recommendation based on individual patient allergen profile.

Foster Adherence

Help consumers avoid unsafe ingredients to increase adherence and improve patient experience.

Why Healthcare Providers
Love SkinSAFE

  • World’s largest product database with more than 70,000 products growing daily with provider and patient product submissions
  • World-class support for providers and patients
  • Powerful, flexible technology including fully customizable cross-reactors
  • Best experience for patch tested patients

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For ACDS Providers,
SkinSAFE will

  • Migrate your patients’ allergen base
  • Train your staff to use SkinSAFE
  • Provide active and responsive support.

SkinSAFE Plans for Healthcare Providers

Practice Wide

All Premium features plus group functionality to manage patients across enterprise + optional integration with your EMR System

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All Free features plus the ability to create custom presets, access to SkinSAFE Rx, advance patient management, and dedicated support and training

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All the basics you need to manage your patients with sensitive skin

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