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The Future of Beauty Personalization is SkinSAFE
SkinSAFE is the ultimate destination for personalized beauty. Our curated marketplace provides consumers a centralized and trusted platform to discover beauty, skincare, and personal care products that's right for them.
The New Beauty Consumer
Patients can take control without remembering full ingredient names, elaborate spelling, or cross-reactivity.
Beauty and Brains
Join a network of talented physicians and get discovered by our highly targeted audience.
Actionable Transparency
Up-to-date product recommendation based on individual patient allergen profile.
Top-shelf Authority
Help consumers avoid unsafe ingredients to increase adherence and improve patient experience.
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Backed By Science
Our technology has been developed in partnership with Mayo Clinic, the premier trusted source in health and wellness.
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SkinSAFE Badges
SkinSAFE solves your brand's biggest challenges by matching the right consumers to the right product at the right time. Our 'demand-sourced' transparency platform leverages natural shopping patterns and 1-to-1 personalization to deliver your brand and products in an individualized, curated and trusted environment.
  • BRANDED DESTINATION: Tell your brand's story with a custom designed brand store and curated product feed to drive shopper engagement and loyalty at every stage of the purchasing journey.
  • SKINSAFE BADGES: SkinSAFE eases product discovery with a set of allergen-free badges, as well as individually generated 'Safe for Me' badge for an unparalleled personalized experience at the point-of-purchase.
  • TRANSPARENCY KNOWLEDGE BASE: We enable consumers with trusted product and ingredient information that is fact-based, consistent, and up-to-date Our database ensures that every interaction is a targeted experience to meet consumer's exacting expectations.
  • PROMOTIONS & CAMPAIGNS: Promote the latest innovations and hero products with a sponsored campign to reach a highly targeted set of consumers.
  • ANALYTICS DASHBOARD: Tap into consumer and product insights to better assess and inform your marketing and strategic brand decisions.
  • EMPOWERING BRANDS: Take control of your brand with latest innovations, up-to-date product details, and unique experiences to nurture consumer engagement.
  • TARGETED CONSUMERS: Connect to consumers that matter in a personalized way, help consumers make better decisions on purchases and boost brand affinity
  • A PARTNER FOR GROWTH: SkinSAFE delivers above and beyond the industry average, with higher margins, and higher conversion, and higher retention.
  • TRUSTED ENVIRONMENT: Backed by science, powered by consumers, and approved by brands, SkinSAFE is the first platform that intelligently drives transaction and loyalty.
  • POWERFUL PLATFORM: We connect seamlessly with leading ecommerce solutions for a powerful, flexible, and elevated brand experience.
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