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Become the Shopper's Trusted Choice™

Amplify your brand's potential and solidify its position as a trusted leader with SkinSAFE's Trusted Choice™ program. Embrace transparency, address today's consumers’ unique health, wellness, and lifestyle demands, and drive significant sales growth. Rooted in rigorous science and clinical evidence, the Trusted Choice™ program is tailored to elevate your brand and deepen customer trust.

Why should you join the trusted choice™ brand program?


Product claims significantly influence consumer trust and purchase decisions. According to studies, four out of five consumers agree that product claims have a stronger influence on their purchase decision now compared to five years ago. With SkinSAFE verification, assure transparency and give your customers the confidence they need to trust your brand and consequently boost your sales.

Data-Driven Consumer Testing:

Creating impactful products and securing brand loyalty is as much science as it is art. Harness the power of our all-inclusive solution for survey design, automated user recruitment, and data analysis. Our AI-powered, data-driven sampling and consumer panels program furnish valuable insights and connect you with the largest community of sensitive skin consumers.

Intelligent Formulation Design:

Construct safer and better products for sensitive skin consumers, reduce the likelihood of skin sensitivities, and enhance overall skin health while bypassing the high costs of reformulation. With our robust database and advanced AI, we can assist you in creating products that genuinely align with your consumers' needs.

Comprehensive Product Testing:

Ensure the safety and efficacy of your products with our specialized testing services, which cater to both sensitive and normal skin users. Stand out not only through your packaging but through the assurance of rigorous testing that backs every claim you make.

Shine in a Crowded Market:

win with SkinSAFE

In today's competitive market, standing out on the shelf is critical. With SkinSAFE, your products get the visibility they deserve. Have the claims on package or aisle displays. Our Trusted Choice™ seal helps your products pop at the aisle, providing instant recognition of safety, transparency, and commitment to skin health. By partnering with SkinSAFE, you're not just another option - you become the trusted choice, the winning choice for consumers, right at the point of purchase.

Why Trusted Choice™ matters?

SKINSAFE: Grounded in Clinical Evicence and Scientific Integrity

Over 80% trust a product if it has validated claims

See a 40% lift in awareness and consideration.

Experience 4-6x conversion rates.

Revolutionizing the game with SkinSAFE

In partnership with the Mayo Clinic, our Trusted Choice™ Program sets the new standard for skin health. As the pioneer ingredient & attribute-based recommendation platform for beauty, skincare and household products, we employ clinical data, human insights, and AI to deliver personalized experiences. With our help, consumers can make better and smarter product choices for healthier skin.

SkinSAFE 100, our gold standard for sensitive skin, leads the way to improved skin health

By choosing "SkinSAFE 100" rated products, consumers can avoid over 49% of contact skin allergies.

Our Trusted Choice™ Solutions

Trusted Choice™ program is designed to set your brand apart in the competitive CPG landscape.
With our help, products carrying the Trusted Choice Wellness Markers can positively impact brand perception, product choice, and sales.

SkinSAFE offers a range of solutions designed to meet your needs:

SkinSAFE Transparency Solution:

Empower your consumers with our certification and seal program, backed by real science and clinical data. Our Trusted Choice™ transparency program raises the bar, necessitating manufacturers to substantiate product use and safety with robust scientific and clinical evidence. The SkinSAFE Wellness markers facilitate consumers to make informed choices based on transparency, scientific proof, and indepth understanding.

Our dedicated SkinSAFE team meticulously reviews these products to ensure they meet the stringent Trusted Choice™ standards for health, wellness, and safety. To earn the esteemed SkinSAFE Trusted Choice™ seal, product formulations must successfully pass an intensive data review process. This includes skin patch testing, clinical and home use testing on sensitive skin populations, restrictions on the most common fragrance allergens, and rigorous assessments for ingredient purity.

Fragrance Allergens
Safety in Use and Clinical Studies
Skin Testing

By choosing SkinSAFE, you choose the commitment to transparency and safety, leading to better skin health and consumer trust...

Look for the Trusted Choice™ logo when shopping for products to ensure that they meet our standards for safety and efficacy.

3rd Party Verification demonstrates a commitment to safety & quality and increases credibility, trust, and acceptance with consumers & retailers

SkinSAFE Consumer Testing Solution:

Elevate your consumer research with Trusted Friends™, the world's largest community of sensitive skin consumers.

Our AI-powered sampling and consumer panel programs are designed to furnish crucial insights, empowering you to make swift and efficient data-driven decisions. The creation of superior products and the cultivation of brand loyalty extend beyond art – it’s a process deeply rooted in science and starts by truly understanding and responding to your consumers. Harness the power of real consumer feedback to drive data-informed product development and marketing decisions.

You can also refine your consumer testing based on different skin types, skin concerns, and demographics.

SkinSAFE Formulation Design Solution for Sensitive Skin

We can assist you in designing safer formulas for sensitive skin, leveraging our clinical data, human insights, and medical expertise. Avoid reformulation costs, reduce the risk of skin sensitivities, and improve overall skin health with our support.

Developed with SkinSAFE ensures transparency from the start as we work with you to develop products that meet our wellness markers and are safe for sensitive skin consumers from the get-go.

SkinSAFE will work with you, from formula concept to product testing (including analytical, skin patch testing, and human use), to create products that are safer for sensitive skin consumers.

Comprehensive Product Testing:

We provide a specialized suite of testing services to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your products, giving your brand the edge, it needs to build and retain consumer trust.

These are designed to cater to the needs of both sensitive and normal skin users:


Protect your customers from potential skin irritation or allergic reactions by evaluating the sensitization potential of your products.

Gynecological Safety

Ensure your products for the intimate region are gentle and non-irritating, fostering user comfort and confidence.

Dermatological Safety

Uphold the integrity of your products intended for face or body use under normal conditions, reassuring consumers of their tolerability.

Ophthalmological Safety

Validate the safety of products designed around the eye. This crucial test caters to those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, opening your product to a broader audience.

Non-Comedogenic Studies

Prevent unwelcome surprises by determining your products' comedogenic/acnegenic potential on acne-prone skin.

Cumulative Irritation Tests

Deliver a deeper insight into your product's performance with a comprehensive comparison of irritation potential over a 14-day or 21-day period.

Join us in our mission to bring transparency and safety to the forefront.

Together, we can win at the aisle. Trust SkinSAFE. Make the healthier choice for everyone.

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