How SkinSAFE  Works for The Consumer

1 SkinSAFE for Brands
Create Your Unique Skin Profile

  • Fill out our short questionnaire and our proprietary SkinSAFE technology will create your customized, unique skin profile
  • Don't know your allergens? Get a patch test from your local physician

2 SkinSAFE for Brands
Get your customized product recommendation

  • SkinSAFE will build a customized shopping selection of products in beauty, skincare, and many other personal care categories that are safe for your skin

3 SkinSAFE for Brands
In your pocket. Anytime. Anywhere.

  • Download the app to scan products to ensure compatibility with your skin.
  • Browse and discover products that have been rated based on allergenic potential

4 SkinSAFE for Brands
Shop confidently with ease

  • Find SkinSAFE logos and labels on retail shelves for worry-free purchasing
  • Personalize your retail shopping experience and plan ahead based on your allergens
  • Shop directly from

Build Your Brand with SkinSAFE 

SkinSAFE for Brands
Optimize Products and Brand Strategy

  • Join the Trusted Choice™ Program to tap into consumer, scientific, and formulation experts to help inform your brand & portfolio strategy

SkinSAFE for Brands
Reach relevant, highly motivated consumers

  • Get a personalized brand page on to drive traffic to your website
  • Access customized promotional features, including targeted e-blasts, banner ads, search, etc.

SkinSAFE for Brands
Build Consumer Trust

  • Leverage ’Seals of Approval’ and product badges in your marketing materials
  • Obtain SkinSAFE product certifications to build consumer trust

SkinSAFE for Brands
Improve Consumer Satisfaction

  • Improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by recommending the ‘right’ products to the ‘right’ consumers
  • Help minimize negative ratings and reviews through proprietary AI product recommendations that best suit each consumer

Don't Take Our Word For It. Hear from Customers

SkinSAFE for Brands

“Great if you have sensitive skin but can't afford to buy high-end products all the time. There are almost always a couple of very affordable products that score just as well as the expensive ones for being free of bad additives.”

-Kristy P.

SkinSAFE for Brands

"It has helped me tremendously. I'm constantly scanning things and sending them in to be rated. I'm celiac and this helps me avoid gluten. I want to thank the creators for this amazing resource!!"

-Taryn B.

SkinSAFE for Brands

"SkinSAFE has been a life saver! It's so hard to know what will make my skin worse and this app makes it so easy!"

-Juliette S.

Empower sensitive skin consumers to confidently choose your products today!

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