How safe is it?

Product Description

A silky, nourishing lipstick that gives lips a subtle hint of color and gorgeous sheen.

Linda B.
Mar 24, 2023
Hi - Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We leave products active in searches because some people may have the product in their homes or it is available online.
Mar 24, 2023
These were my favorite lipsticks (and apparently the only ones I can use) but unfortunately they’ve been discontinued for over a year! Can’t figure out where to submit that so skin safe can update their information. I’ve seen them a couple places, but elf themselves have said they’re discontinued so I haven’t wanted to buy backups knowing how long they’ve been discontinued. Unfortunately, elf launched to tinted lip balms within like a year and a half of an each other and this (better formula) was the formula that got nixed.
Hang tight. We're thinking.