How safe is it?

Product Description

Bioderma Cicabio Arnica+ Cream Bruises Knocks Bumps quickly reduces feelings of discomfort and irritation in case of bruises, bumps and knocks. With Arnica and the exclusive patent Antalgicine™, it not only has anti-inflammatory properties that assist the body's natural healing process but also helps prevent, minimize, and soothe feelings of discomfort and irritation. Calming and enhancing skin recovery this cream is not only indicated to help with bruises, bumps and knocks but can also be used with a preventive action in case of dermatological interventions and injectable treatments in order to prevent bruising. With an easy to apply and quickly absorbed texture, it is suitable for the whole family, and perfect to have on our first aid kit.

Linda B.
May 25, 2023
Hi - We would like to have the opportunity to review the products in question. We did review this product and were not able to find parabens as an ingredient. If you have the product in hand or a source of ingredients, can we ask that you send the information to us at It's important to note that products are rated with ingredients from either scanned images or brand websites; however, it's always important to review the ingredients on the product label as there can be formulation changes. Again, we'd like the opportunity to review any product in question, and if you can, send us an email at
its me
May 22, 2023
I have a serious allergy to Methylparaben, I have had an allergic rash for three months on my face covered in red spots, I have trusted in your information and I bought some products trusting on your recommendation, but twice I found that some products that you say it's Paraben free it's not, for example: Cicabio cream has Paraben yes, lipsticks by dior and chanel do have Paraben so how Skin Safe give false information? you can kill someone, I no longer believe in your recommendations anymore . what’s it is a disappointment
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