Beautycounter Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation, Porcelain, 1.35 fl oz

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Our game-changing Tint Skin Foundation is a lightweight, creamy foundation that cares for your skin. The formula goes on seamlessly and blends effortlessly to cover imperfections and even skin tone. And hyaluronic acid, a natural moisture magnet, promotes smoother-looking skin, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Dec 16, 2018
The SkinSAFE "Gluten Free" badge is meant to identify and rate products formulated without added gluten ingredients -- "free of added gluten and other wheat-related ingredients, including barley, rye, and oat" -- and is not meant to be interpreted as 100% gluten free. Also, products with 'multi-source ingredients are entered with the source as provided on product labels; however, many times manufacturers do not disclose the source of ingredients. To look for products that are guaranteed to be 100% gluten free, products that are rated as 'gluten-free' would need to be researched with the company to see if the products are actually tested and what the level of gluten is. Products that are not tested may run the risk of cross contamination during the manufacturing or transportation of the product
Dec 15, 2018
This is NOT gluten free. Beautycounter awesomely lists an ingredient glossary on their website and they use wheat and rye as the basis for many of their ingredients, including the sodium hyaluronate in this product. The people who need gluten free really need this to be more accurate. Unless it’s clear what the ingredient source is or it’s been tested below 20ppm, PLEASE do not list it gluten free. Big thanks to Beautycounter for making all their ingredients clearly and easily available!
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