How safe is it?

Product Description

Avena Collagen Regeneration Lotion revitalizes your skin’s natural beauty. Its cosmetic snail extract helps repair and strengthen your skin for a younger, brighter look.

Linda B.
Sep 03, 2023
Hi - the ingredients were entered from the AVENA website and avena stevia kernel extract is not listed. If still have the product in hand, can we ask that you send pictures of the front and back of the product, including the barcode? They can be sent to Thanks so much!
Sep 02, 2023
They are missing a major ingredient. This does have gluten in it. It has Avena Stevia kernel extract, which is oat, but for someone who has celiac your body confuses it with gluten. I know this because I just purchased this item and I always read the ingredients list again and it’s in there. So if you use it after you shave your legs and your pores are open or of you have any kind of cuts on your body and the lotion gets into it it will cause a reaction. Skin safe needs to update the ingredients list.
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