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Product Description

An upgrade of original award-winning daily moisturizer. Intensely luxurious, hydrating and nourishing. Supports cellular renewal to dramatically improve the complexion's appearance. Backed by 30 years of research and innovation.

Dec 19, 2021
My skin loves this product. I'm 54 but look 40, no deep wrinkles on face, no cosmetic procedures or fillers. Still, I had lots of age spots around mouth & chin, uneven skintone, fine tiny lines forming around upper lip. I have mild seborrheic dermatitis and dermagraphism so my skin is sensitive and very reactive. I started product in early November and have dramatic improvement: some spots completely faded and remaining spots are much lighter. Jawline is a little firmer but I've lost volume there so that will require professional treatment. Skintone improvement everywhere I apply product but there's room for more. Texture on front and back of neck is softer. Expensive product and worth it.
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