Expert knowledge is now in your hands with the world’s most comprehensive skin product ingredient database brought to you by Mayo Clinic and HER Inc.

With SkinSAFE, every body can have healthy skin free from allergens and irritants.

With this revolutionary piece of technology, simply filter millions of products free of allergens and discover products right for you, your skin and your lifestyle.

We rank all products based on how free they are from the top most common allergy causing ingredients identified by Mayo Clinic - we call this our Top Free score. You can also apply filters for specific ingredients you wish to avoid.

We tell it like it is. Find products you can use by avoiding specific ingredients. Simple.

The power is in your hands to make healthier choices personalized for your skin.

We believe in a world where everyone feels comfortable in their own skin.

We believe everyone has a right to know exactly what goes into the products they use everyday and how it affects their skin, their health and the planet. We believe brands should be transparent about what goes into their products so people can make healthy informed choices.

How we’re going to do it? Give everyone the knowledge and power to personalize the way they purchase products based on ingredients that are healthy for their skin.

No break outs.

By knowing what to avoid and what to use, so you can avoid another irritating break out.

Feel comfortable in your own skin.

If 50% of skin allergy sufferers used our Top Free filter, they would not need to see a dermatologist. Fact.

Information is power.

In the US, companies can use almost any ingredient in their products. Scary, we know. That’s why SkinSAFE is here to tell you what’s in your products. If brands won’t, we will.

Stop misleading.

Anyone can use the label ‘natural or ‘organic’ on their labels, but it doesn’t mean what’s inside is natural or organic. We say misleading. You?

Beauty is more than skin deep.

Research shows women who use make-up on a daily basis are absorbing almost 5 lb of chemicals a year into their bodies. Ouch. What goes on, goes in. Beauty is SkinSafe.

Labeling and ingredients are just so confusing.

Ingredient names are complicated and not standardized. Reading labels is time-consuming. Our database helps you find products you CAN use personalized to you based on their ingredients.

Skin. Safe. Tailored to you, and your skin.

Healthy skin for every body.

Hang tight. We're thinking.